Volume 28, Number 48a, November 22, 2021
5G Rollout Delay Possible: Report
An opinion piece in Forbes Magazine suggests the controversial rollout of 5G cell service will be pushed back a month or more over concerns about possible interference with radar altimeters. The column, by Ike Brannon, a fellow at Jack Kemp[…]   Read this article
Why Light Sport Airplanes Suffer So Many Crashes
Light sport airplanes were supposed to be a cheaper alternative to certified aircraft and they are. But AVweb’s look at the accident record of these airplanes confirms what many skeptics worried about: They suffer more crashes than standard category aircraft.[…]   Read this article
Aviation Democratization Kinda Gives Me A Headache
Presidential speechwriters have a term called “reaching for the marble.” When you understand that it refers to the pithy text on the friezes of the nation’s iconic monuments, the connotation is so clear that I needn’t waste pixels listing the[…] Read this article

USAF Video Seems To Show SR-72
The Air Force and Space Force have sent a not-so-subtle YouTube message to countries messing with the U.S.’s various global sandboxes that includes what appears to be a sneak peak of a drone dubbed Son of Blackbird. Near the end[…] Read this article

Composite Contamination Latest 787 Defect
Boeing has told the FAA that some of the composite structures of its Boeing 787 aircraft have been contaminated with Teflon and might not be as strong as they were intended to be. The information is contained in an internal[…] Read this article

Aircraft Deliveries Continue Upward Trend Through Q3
Turboprop, business jet and helicopter deliveries increased while piston airplane shipments dropped slightly during the first nine months of 2021, according to the third-quarter (Q3) 2021 general aviation aircraft shipments and billings report released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association[…] Read this article

Rolls Claims Electric Speed Records
Rolls-Royce is claiming the record for the world’s fastest flight by an all-electric aircraft after its Spirit of Innovation hit a maximum speed of 387.4 MPH in a series of flights on Nov. 16. The aircraft, an electric version of[…] Read this article

Researchers Design Carbon-Neutral Jet Fuel Process
Swiss researchers say they’ve figured out a way to make jet fuel out of thin air using solar power and can get the cost to as little as $5.25 a gallon. Digital Journal is reporting the researchers say they can[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, November 19, 2021
Airplane Sales Go Haywire I’ve owned a desirable M model Skyhawk for 36 years. When it was 10 years old, I purchased it for $13.5 and later spent another $13.5 to put a left over brand new 160hp engine in[…] Read this article