Volume 26, Number 47c, November 29, 2019
777X Test Failure Split Fuselage
A failure during the final pressurization test for Boeing’s 777X last September may have been worse than it first seemed, according to a new report by The Seattle Times. Originally thought to be a blown-out cargo door, images obtained by the Times show a significant breach in the fuselage just[…]   Read this article
Pilatus Delivers 1,700th PC-12
Pilatus announced the delivery of its 1,700th PC-12 single-engine turboprop on Tuesday. The company says it expects hand over a total of more than 80 PC-12s in 2019. The 1,700th PC-12 was delivered to fractional ownership company Jetfly Aviation, which is based in Luxembourg. Jetfly currently has 40 PC-12s in[…]   Read this article
History Off The Beaten Path
When President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex in his famous farewell speech of 1961, he knew of what he spoke. Even during World War II, the military and political considerations were so interwoven as to be sometimes indistinguishable. Signs of this are everywhere and one of the more[…] Read this article

Pat Luebke Passes Away
Aviation writer, editor and marketing consultant Patricia Luebke passed away last Friday after a brief illness. Luebke got her start in aviation as an advertising assistant at Flying and became a vice president for the magazine’s publishing company before beginning a freelance career. She also worked with organizations including Avionics[…] Read this article

The Pilot’s Lounge #149: Crashworthiness Common Sense
It was a foggy mid-week morning when I stopped into the pilot’s lounge at the virtual airport. I was doing some research for an article in our sister publication Aviation Consumer and I needed Wi-Fi access, so I figured I’d tap into the flight school’s system. Karver, recently instrument rated[…] Read this article

EAA Sues to Block 'Beer Venture'
Claiming trademark infringement, the Experimental Aircraft Association has filed suit in federal court to prevent the Sosnoski brothers from continuing to use the name “Beer Venture” for their “temporary tavern” on private property just outside the AirVenture gates.  The suit alleges trademark infringement and dilution as well as unfair competition.[…] Read this article

Thoughts On Falling Behind
We’ve all told apocryphal stories of pilots falling so far behind the airplane that they were only holding on by the static wicks. Amusing as these tales may be, falling behind is a major cause of accidents and incidents. There are two reasons for finding yourself in this unenviable situation:[…] Read this article

White House Locked Down After Reported Airspace Violation
The White House and U.S. Capitol building were briefly on lockdown on Tuesday morning following reports of “a potential violation of the restricted airspace in the National Capital Region.” The lockdown was initiated around 8:27 a.m. local time and lifted at 9:12 a.m. It is now being suggested that the[…] Read this article