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Volume 30, Number 5d, February 2, 2023
Buttigieg Calls For FAA Computer Upgrades
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has joined the chorus of industry leaders calling on Congress for more money for the FAA. Buttigieg told Reuters legislators need to “pick up the pace” in approving budget money to upgrade the agency’s decades-old computer[…]   Read this article
Are COVID Vaccines Injuring Pilots? You Tell Us
By predilection and profession, I force myself to be open-minded about everything. I try to imagine I’ve inoculated myself against the groupthink that seems to shape attitudes in the modern world, turbocharged by social media. This occasionally leads to the[…]   Read this article
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Qatar, Airbus Settle Peeling Paint Fight
Airbus and Qatar Airways have settled a nasty spat over paint that escalated into a multibillion-dollar tit for tat. The companies announced Wednesday that they’ve reached an “amicable and mutually agreeable” settlement over peeling paint on some of Qatar’s brand-new[…] Read this article

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FAA Grants New Route From Mexico, Despite Safety Downgrade
The FAA has apparently bent its own rules and allowed Aeromexico to launch a new route to the U.S. Last year, the agency downgraded Mexico’s safety rating to Category 2, meaning it doesn’t believe its aviation regulators can adequately monitor[…] Read this article

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New App Classifies The Unexplained
Think you’ve seen a UFO (or UAP)? Now there’s an app for that. New York startup Enigma Labs hopes people will download the mobile app (still in beta) and report their sightings in real time, adding to a database the[…] Read this article

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