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Volume 29, Number 25c, June 22, 2022
Adversary-Training Hawker Hunter Down Off East Coast: Pilot Rescued
The FAA has reported that a 1959 Hawker Hunter Mk 58 jet fighter experienced an engine failure and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean yesterday (June 20) about 40 miles southeast of Wilmington International Airport in North Carolina. The pilot of[…]   Read this article
'Bipartisan, Bicameral' Pro-AAM Legislation Passes In The House
The U.S. House of Representatives has passed what it calls the “bipartisan and bicameral [supported by both House and Senate]” Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act. The legislation directs the U.S. Department of Transportation to bring together an interagency[…]   Read this article
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FAI Celebrates Anniversary Of 50-Year-Old Altitude Record
There aren’t many aviation records that have withstood more than a few years, but half a century? The World Air Sports Federation (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale or FAI) made note that today (June 21) marks the 50th anniversary of the absolute[…] Read this article

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Tecnam Introduces A Seven-Part YouTube Video Series
Italian airframer Tecnam has launched “The Nest,” a seven-part series of five-minute YouTube videos offering an inside look at the company, its factory, its products and most important, its people. While the series isn’t shy about the promotional aspect of[…] Read this article

Chasing The Sun - A Little-Known Piece Of Aviation History
On a side street in the northern-Utah city of Logan, a large plaque celebrates the city’s contribution to aviation history. On June 23, 1924, Logan native and U.S. Army Air Service test pilot 1st Lt. Russell Maughan became the first[…] Read this article

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MD-82 Catches Fire After Gear Collapse At Miami International (UPDATED)
An MD-82 operated by new Dominican Republic-based carrier Red Air caught fire on Tuesday evening after its nosegear collapsed on landing at Miami International Airport (MIA). All 130 passengers and 10 crew members onboard were evacuated from the aircraft. According[…] Read this article

Short Final: 1812
Heard somewhere over Kansas: Center: “American 745, contact Kansas City on 118.12.” American 745: “Was that eighteen twelve for American 745?” Center: “American 745, yes, eighteen twelve, as in ‘The War Of.’” Elliott Cox Clover, South Carolina Read this article