Volume 28, Number 36a, August 30, 2021
Afghan Air Force Pilots Escape In Caravan, Ask For Asylum In Canada
Twelve combat-hardened Afghan air force pilots and one of their crew chiefs are holed up in Tajikistan asking Canada to come and get them. The pilots, who flew attack helicopters and aircraft against the Taliban, grabbed a “Hellfire Caravan,” a[…]   Read this article
Is There Room For Two Aviation Fuels?
If you can imagine for a moment an all-powerful criminal mastermind like Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld convening his evil minions for a can’t-miss diabolical scheme to take over the world, what would it be? A fleet of space weapons[…]   Read this article
AeroLEDS New Combined Landing And Taxi Light
The LED industry continues to make great technological strides. In this video from our sister publication, KITPLANES, shot at AirVenture 2021, Ryan Edmark from AeroLEDS demonstrates the new Equinox LED. It combine a landing light and a taxi light in[…] Read this article

ATC Tapes Reveal Capabilities Of Mystery Drone
The Drive has posted ATC audio of a bizarre police chase in the skies over Tucson last February that, beyond the security and safety concerns, had all involved wondering just what they were witnessing. As we reported last May, the[…] Read this article

Astra Rocket Launch Fails After Rocky Liftoff
Astra, a California commercial space launch company, had an unusual third attempt at reaching orbit on Saturday when its rocket seemingly recovered from a launch pad mishap only to tumble out of control a couple of minutes later. Astra is[…] Read this article

Four People And Dog Walk Away From Cirrus Jet Crash
All four people and a dog aboard a Cirrus SF50 VisionJet walked away from what might be the first hull loss in an accident for the type at Capital Regional International Airport in Lansing, Michigan, on Aug. 24. The single-engine[…] Read this article

Aircraft Recycling Set To Boom
As one part of the market declines, the shift inevitably benefits another sector and the aircraft recycling business is apparently ready to boom. There are now more than 6,000 flyable airliners in storage around the world compared to about 2,500[…] Read this article

Piper Pilot 100i Earns EASA Approval
Piper Aircraft has announced that its IFR-capable Pilot 100i single-engine trainer has earned approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Based on the Piper Archer, the aircraft received its FAA certification last December alongside the Pilot 100 VFR-only[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 27, 2021
Stick A STEM On It I am a solo circumnavigator. In 2017 I followed Amelia Earhart’s route on the 80th anniversary of her flight. The reason most people don’t know who I am is because my flight ended differently. Regardless,[…] Read this article