Volume 27, Number 35a, August 24, 2020
AI Beats Human In Mock Dogfights
An artificial intelligence algorithm beat an “experienced” F-16 pilot in five straight simulated dogfights in a project designed by the […]   Read this article
Do We Need A Right Stuff Redux?
Need it or not, Disney rolls it out in October. Let's see if they get that The Right Stuff wasn't a history of the Mercury Program.   Read this article
Video Flight Trial: Flight Design F2-LSA
Flight Design has been working on a follow-on aircraft to its successful CTLS series LSA and it’s called the F2-LSA. […] Read this article

Blocked ILS Signals Prompt Whistleblower Complaint
The FAA is apparently resisting moving a localizer at Detroit Metro Airport whose signals are sometimes blocked by taxiing aircraft. […] Read this article

Canada Next To Test MAX
Transport Canada will become the first foreign aviation agency to flight test the changes to the Boeing 737 MAX with […] Read this article

Poll: Would You Have an ELT if it Wasn't Required?
 Read this article

DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase Postponed
DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase (DSAS) organizers have announced that the 2020 event will be rescheduled due to a recent decision […] Read this article

Pilots On Board To Develop Pilotless Technology
A California company is taking a novel approach to autonomous aviation by making human pilots an integral part of its […] Read this article

FAA Looks At Anti-Drone Systems
The FAA has announced it is looking at technologies to clear “rogue drones” from the airspace near airports after a […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 21, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about ELT usage and requirements and deferring avionics work.  Read this article