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Volume 30, Number 40c, October 4, 2023
MIT's AI Copilot Improves Human Pilot Performance
MIT says it’s developing an artificial intelligence-driven copilot robot it calls a “guardian” that will monitor the human pilot’s performance and intervene at even the smallest deviation from what the AI considers the proper action by the human. Air-Guardian uses[…]   Read this article
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Decarbonize Aviation? Good Luck To Us
With weather disasters lined up like airliners on final to LaGuardia, news on climate change is a constant. And with aviation the most energy-intensive form of mass transportation, it’s in the crosshairs as an emitter of greenhouse gas. In this[…] Read this article

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Rolls-Royce Achieves Controlled Hydrogen Burn
Rolls-Royce says it has run a modified version of a standard jet engine at takeoff power using hydrogen for fuel. The company said it’s a key accomplishment in developing future carbon-free designs that can power future aircraft. ‚ÄúThis involved overcoming[…] Read this article

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Four U.S. Airlines Find Uncertified Engine Parts
Delta Air Lines is the latest North American carrier to find bogus parts in aircraft engines. The company announced this week that as many as 21 engines in its fleet have fraudulently certified parts supplied by AOG Technics, a British[…] Read this article

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Droneliner Designed For Shipping Containers
A British company says its proposed cargo drones can carry up to 80 standard lightweight 20-foot shipping containers using “hybrid turbofan” engines that can use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen. Droneliner is proposing two models of its massive aircraft,[…] Read this article