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Volume 29, Number 32d, August 11, 2022
Air Force Studies eVTOL Pilot Training
The Air Force is having a look at how it might use eVTOLs and is starting with who’s best for the flight deck. It’s hired Massachusetts consulting company Aptima to figure out what an Air Force eVTOL pilot might look like.[…]   Read this article
Van's RV-15 First Look
As expected, Van’s latest design, the high-wing RV-15, made a well-received debut at AirVenture two weeks ago. KITPLANES magazine caught up with Van’s Greg Hughes for an update on the RV-15. Now that the 15 has been poked and prodded[…]   Read this article
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Was AirVenture A Superspreader? (Amended)
The texts and emails started last Tuesday, about a week after the opening of AirVenture 2022. “I got %$#(% COVID!” Well, of course you did, because everyone is eventually going to, or almost everyone. A reader wrote us yesterday wondering[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'Balanced Approach
Death Valley National Park Floods Take Out Chicken Strip
Flooded airports are nothing new but volunteers are being sought to fix up a runway in a seemingly unlikely place to see flooding. Saline Valley Warm Springs Airfield, better known as the Chicken Strip, in California’s Death Valley National Park[…] Read this article

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AD Databases Moving To New FAA System
The FAA is moving its airworthiness directives and emergency airworthiness directives databases to its new Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS). As a result, the current locations of the documents in the Regulatory Guidance Library will be decommissioned on Aug. 16 and[…] Read this article

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Snowbirds Grounded Indefinitely
The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds air demonstration team has been grounded indefinitely because of a runway accident in early August. The RCAF says it will “conduct a deliberate, detailed and broad risk analysis, with the aim of enabling the[…] Read this article