Volume 28, Number 18a, April 26, 2021
Bridge Stunt Leads To ADS-B Revocation
A well-known Ohio pilot and aviation columnist may be the first to run afoul of a new regulation triggered by […]   Read this article
Fear, Loathing And ADS-B
Messing around in the vague margins of legality used to be something you could do in the dark. Martha Lunken's bust shows ADS-B is an unblinking stoolie. Even when it's not on.   Read this article
Best Of The Web: Martin Baker's Ejection Seats
When you get to the point in this video where the earnest—OK nerdy—guy explains how Martin Baker plans to blast […] Read this article

Officers Say Air Force Needs Outside Help To Keep Pilots
Two active duty U.S. Air Force officers have taken the unusual step of publicly scolding their superiors over pilot retention […] Read this article

American Hiring, Putting Widebodies On Domestic Routes
American is the latest in a parade of airlines announcing it will recall its idled pilots and start hiring more […] Read this article

Poll: Do You Consider See and Avoid Good Enough?
This week, the NTSB published accident findings that sharply revealed the limits of see-and-avoid. This week's poll asks if you think it's time to require collision avoidance gear. Read this article

Solar Impulse Lead Partners With Electric Seaplane Venture
Harbour Air has partnered with battery maker H55, a spinoff of the Solar Impulse circumnavigation project, to certify an electrically […] Read this article

Canada Moves Forward On Aircraft 'Luxury' Tax
Canada has now formalized its intent to impose a “luxury tax” on new “personal” aircraft and it will be tacked […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, April 23, 2021
This week's letters brought comments from readers about engine failures, internet vs. Flight Service briefings and landing on the Moon. Read this article