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Volume 30, Number 27b, July 4, 2023
Airbus Delivers First ACH160
This article was included in error in AVwebFlash’s July 4, 2023, issue. The intended article, “Airbus H160 Earns FAA Certification,” can be read at Airbus Helicopters announced on Tuesday that it has delivered its first ACH160 helicopter to an[…]   Read this article
ATP Orders 40 More Skyhawks
ATP Flight School has signed an agreement with Textron Aviation to add 40 Cessna 172 Skyhawks to its fleet. The aircraft, which will be used for the school’s Airline Career Pilot Program, are slated for delivery in 2025. The purchase[…]   Read this article
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Building The eXenos
We’ve talked in general terms about how to mount the electric motor from the Zero motorcycle into the eXenos and covered the electrical connections and wiring in detail. But what about all the fiddly bits? As anyone who has ever built an[…] Read this article

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Jetpack Crashes, Pilot Not Seriously Hurt
A jetpack pilot may have created a new accident category in Austria on Sunday by crashing his rig in front of thousands of race car fans. The unidentified man was undoubtedly bruised but not seriously hurt when he tumbled out[…] Read this article

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Accident Probe: Systems Knowledge?
As new aircraft and avionics become more sophisticated and capable, a pilot’s learning curve becomes more complicated. Understanding how and why things work the way they do is a critical part of our training and study. Brian Sagi’s article for[…] Read this article

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Daher Acquires AAA
Daher announced on Monday that it has completed its acquisition of France-based aerospace industrial services company Assistance Aéronautique et Aérospatiale (AAA). AAA brings Daher an additional 2,000 employees and an annual revenue of approximately €200 million ($218 million). Daher’s Cédric[…] Read this article