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Volume 30, Number 46c, November 15, 2023
Airdrop Bomb Threat Interrupts Flight
A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver was diverted to San Francisco Monday night after some passengers received an alleged bomb threat via Airdrop. “There was a threat that was ultimately deemed noncredible,” the FBI said in a[…]   Read this article
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Vickers Flip-Proof Amphib Finishes Flight Testing
A New Zealand company says it’s solved one of the biggest safety issues affecting amphibious aircraft operations. Paul Vickers, president of Vickers Aircraft, told AVweb the WAVE pusher amphib will not flip if the pilot forgets to raise the landing[…] Read this article

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F-16 Training Base Opens In Romania
An F-16 training base that will teach Ukrainian pilots opened Monday in Romania. The school is at a Romanian air force base in Fetesti. Romania’s defense ministry said the facility will train pilots from Ukraine and “other partners” but didn’t[…] Read this article

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This Month In Aviation Consumer: G100UL Flight Trial
How does a 215-HP Lycoming run on GAMI’s unleaded avgas? Sister publication Aviation Consumer magazine loaded some in a Van’s RV-14 and put it through the wringer with predictable results. Read the analysis by subscribing here. Read this article

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B-29 Scale Replica Flight Video Released
Video of the first flight of what might be the most complex homebuilt project ever conceived or built has been released, a week after the aircraft was involved in a landing mishap in Indiana. Tom Hodgson has been working on[…] Read this article