Volume 28, Number 13c, March 26, 2021
Airline Accident Rate Rises, Total Accidents Drop In 2020
The airline accident rate for 2020 was higher than average in spite of fewer accidents taking place, according to a […]   Read this article
Part 91 And Paying Passengers Just Don’t Mix
Part 91 is the Wild West because we want it that way. Paying passengers should understand flying on a Twin Otter with the door open is riskier than a seat on United Airlines.   Read this article
NASA Eyes April For First Helicopter Flight On Mars
NASA has marked April 8 as the first possible flight date for its Mars helicopter technology demonstrator, which arrived on […] Read this article

PAL-V Picks Aspen Evolution For Liberty
Aspen Avionics announced on Wednesday that its Evolution 1000 primary flight display will be the “display of choice” for the […] Read this article

Used Aircraft Guide: Decathlon and Citabria
It’s not surprising that Decathlons and Citabrias rank high on the list of fun airplanes to own, and it’s not […] Read this article

Bell Moves To SAF For Training, Demonstration Fleets
Bell Textron has announced that it plans to begin using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in all of its Bell Training […] Read this article

Asia-Pacific Flight Training Shows Two-Year Growth
The number of flight training schools in the Asia-Pacific region grew 4 percent between 2018 and 2020, according to a […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, March 25, 2021
What a delight to land on the top of a grassy hill and enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine and the smell of grass in the early spring! Taken with an iPhone 8. Photo by Barry McFarlane. Read this article