Volume 28, Number 17a, April 19, 2021
First Mars Flight Set For Monday Morning
NASA has apparently fixed the software glitch on Ingenuity, the helicopter drone it landed on Mars, and the first flight […]   Read this article
SpaceX Pulls A Lunar Lander Out Of The Hat
It's not so much that SpaceX continues to surprise, but that hardly a week goes by when it doesn't. And this week, Alice, we're going to the Moon on a Starship.   Read this article
Sun 'N Fun 2021: Faces On The Flightline
Sun 'n Fun 2021 is now in the books and will be remembered as one pulled off under difficult circumstances. In this AVweb news video, we asked both vendors and attendees what they thought of the show. The reactions were universally positive. Read this article

Avenger Ditches During Cocoa Beach Airshow
A TBM Avenger from the Valiant Air Command performing at the Cocoa Beach Air Show in Florida put on a […] Read this article

Fiscally Flexible SpaceX Wins Lunar Lander Contract
SpaceX took a giant leap to the top of NASA’s most trusted contractors’ list on Friday when it was tagged […] Read this article

Poll: Should We Land on the Moon Again?
NASA is spinning up the Artemis mission to land on the Moon. This week's poll asks if you think that's a good idea. Read this article

FAA Says Internet Preflights Better Than Flight Service Briefings
The FAA now says pilots should do their own preflight self-briefing on the internet before flying and use Flight Service […] Read this article

Airbus Looks At Superconducting Electric Airplanes
Airbus is floating a new idea for hydrogen that it says could make electric aircraft much more efficient and therefore […] Read this article

FAA Proposes $1.6 Million Fine For Small Town's Big Airport
The FAA is throwing the book, and a proposed $1.56 million fine, at a small town whose airport is a […] Read this article

King Schools Announces New Aircraft Marshalling Course
King Schools introduced a new free video course on aircraft marshalling at the annual Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo on […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, April 16, 2021
This week's letters brought comments from readers about PIC authority, attitudes about pilot medicals and experiencing engine failures. Read this article

Industry Round-up, April 16, 2021
This week, AVweb’s news roundup uncovered reports on a new set of alternator coupling tools, a logbook scanning network and […] Read this article