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Volume 30, Number 33a, August 14, 2023
Two Eject From MiG-23 At Michigan Airshow
Two people aboard a MiG-23 fighter were slightly injured when they ejected from the Cold War fighter at an airshow in Michigan Sunday. The swing-wing jet was part of the finale of the Thunder Over Michigan at Willow Run Airport[…]   Read this article
The Biggest Aerospace Story Ever (Yawn)
While our gaze was momentarily distracted by the aviation party out in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago, we missed the biggest aerospace story in history. In fact, it was the biggest anything in history, short of the emergence of[…]   Read this article
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E-35 Bonanza Restoration
When it first emerged from the factory in 1947, the Beechcraft Bonanza was a thing to behold. Fast, good looking and practical, it was soon a sales hit. Lots of those early models are still out there and at AirVenture[…] Read this article

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Citation Overflies 737 On Runway At San Diego
The FAA is investigating a runway incursion at San Diego Airport involving a Citation that overflew a Southwest aircraft just after noon on Friday. The FAA says the Citation was cleared to land after the 737 had moved onto the[…] Read this article

NTSB Faults Crew Miscommunication For United's Altitude Loss Incident
The NTSB says miscommunication between the pilots of a United Boeing 777 caused the aircraft to plunge to under 800 feet over the Pacific Ocean after departing Kahului, Hawaii, on Dec. 18, 2022. The error caused the crew to mismanage[…] Read this article

Contrail Avoidance Possible But Uses More Fuel
A small study facilitated by American Airlines and Google has shown that it’s relatively easy to cut the amount of contrails created by airliners but it comes at a fuel penalty. American supplied the aircraft for 70 flights and used[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 11, 2023
The Biggest Aerospace Story Ever (Yawn) Incredible visual phenomena, classified military operations, or alien beings? I have to go with the first two. In addition to having over 25,000 hrs flight time, I probably have an equal amount of time[…] Read this article