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Volume 29, Number 38d, September 22, 2022
Senate Subcommittee Looks At Airspace Integration
A Senate subcommittee hearing scheduled for Sept. 28 will help to lay the groundwork for integration of advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft, drones and other new technology into the National Airspace System. The Subcommittee on Aviation Safety, Operations and Innovation[…]   Read this article
AVweb Rewind: Why Aircraft Engines Quit
Aircraft engines, for obvious reasons, are supposed to be reliable, but having one tank is a recurring nightmare for many pilots. How often does it happen? Often enough, but as AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli reveals in this video, the risk is[…]   Read this article
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Diamond Rollover: Freak Accident Or A Design Flaw?
I doubt if there are many AVweb readers who, upon reading an accident report, don’t have one of two reactions. (a) Hey, I already knew this and I’d never do that or (b) I didn’t know this, I’ll be careful[…] Read this article

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De Havilland Canada To Build Manufacturing Complex With Airport
DeHavilland Canada says it will build its own towered airport and manufacturing complex worth hundreds of millions of dollars east of Calgary, Alberta, over the next 15 years and is considering building at least three of its iconic designs at[…] Read this article

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Vulture Downs Goshawk
The Navy has released pilot video of the crash of a T-45C Goshawk training aircraft at Lake Worth, Texas, in September of 2021 in which the aircraft ingested a vulture. The aircraft’s engine quit and although the runways were in[…] Read this article

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Maintenance Glitch Downed Snowbirds Aircraft
An improperly assembled oil filter led to the crash landing of an RCAF Snowbirds jet at an airport in northern British Columbia on Aug. 2, 2022, that ended the popular team’s show season. An investigator’s report released by the RCAF[…] Read this article