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Volume 29, Number 30a, July 25, 2022
AirVenture 2022 Golf Cart Preview
AVweb is back in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for AirVenture 2022. AVweb’s Kate O’Connor and Aviation Consumer’s Larry Anglisano take the annual pre-show look around the busy AirVenture grounds via golf cart and touch on a few of the things this year’s[…]   Read this article
Nothing To Fear But Everything Itself
Inside a windowless cubicle beneath the FAA’s Oklahoma City HQ, there’s a GS-12 federal employee named Katherine “Kate” Strauss, who catalogues aviation fears. Her job isn’t to invent them, nor to act upon the infinite varieties. We pilots do that.[…]   Read this article
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AirVenture 2022: Used Avionics: Shop With Caution
AirVenture is notoriously a good place to find smoking hot deals on used avionics, but maybe not this year. The choked supply chain and backlog at avionics shops is adversely affecting the supply of desirable used avionics, while raising prices[…] Read this article

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Captain, Crew Abandon Passengers In Burning Plane
Passengers aboard a Veuling Airlines flight say the captain and most of the flight crew were the first off the plane when an explosion and fire erupted while the plane was being prepared for a flight from Barcelona to Birmingham,[…] Read this article

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Some Damage After Storm Rips AirVenture (Updated)
Early reports suggest there was damage to aircraft and infrastructure at EAA AirVenture when a persistent series of storms rolled through the area Saturday evening and early Sunday. EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski told local media aircraft on Boeing Plaza were[…] Read this article

Cub Ditches During Lifeguard Competition
There was plenty of handy help available when a banner-towing Cub ditched off Huntington Beach, California, on Friday. The J3C-65 registered to Seashore Advertising Corp. went in the drink about 100 feet offshore next to the California Surf Lifesaving Junior[…] Read this article

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Ukraine Says It Doesn't Want U.S. A-10s (Updated)
Ukraine is saying thanks but no thanks to a suggestion the U.S. Air Force donate its unwanted A-10 Warthogs on the war-torn country. Air Force Magazine is reporting Ukraine would much rather have F-16s. “We have been requesting combat aircraft[…] Read this article