Volume 28, Number 23a, May 31, 2021
AirVenture: Advance Sales And Vendors Stronger Than Expected
With AirVenture 2021 just eight weeks away, there are signs that this year’s show may look more like 2019 than the reduced event many were anticipating. COVID-19 cases are in decline in the U.S., if not the world, and EAA reports that advance ticket sales are strong and might equal[…]   Read this article
Yes, A Normal AirVenture
Considering its impact on aviation, we’ve done relatively little coverage of COVID-19, believe it or not. I didn’t have to scroll back in the video backlist very far to find the video interview I did with Jack Pelton in which we were both filleted for allowing as how it might[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: Red Bull's P-38 And F4U Corsair Airshow
Red Bull is well known for its sponsorship of extreme sports events—everything from skiing to wingsuiting to mountain climbing. And that includes aviation, too. In this 13-minute video shot in 2013, we see multiple views of the Red Bull sponsored Lightning and Corsair aerobatic show. There’s quite a lot to[…] Read this article

Seven Killed In Tennessee Citation Crash
Seven people, including Christian diet personality Gwen Lara and her actor husband Joe Lara, were killed when their Citation 501 crashed into a lake east of Nashville Saturday morning. Authorities said today that all on board were presumed dead and that human remains had been found. The jet had taken[…] Read this article

Paul Allen Restoration Projects For Sale
Part of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s long list of restoration projects is now up for sale through two prominent rare aircraft brokers. Allen died in 2018 and left hangars full of rare and historically significant aircraft in varying stages of reconstruction, many of them early military jets. According to Warbird[…] Read this article

'Ocular Impact' Rule For Green-Minded Airports Published
The FAA has published a new policy that tries to ensure that pilots and controllers aren’t blinded by the reflected light of green projects at airports. Homeland Security Today is reporting that airports with control towers now have to assess the potential glare hazard from solar power projects and clear[…] Read this article

FAA Orders Airport Board To End 'Discriminatory' Policy
The FAA has told the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, and the surrounding parishes to get rid of a rule that requires at least one of the seven members of its airport commission to be Black. The Baton Rouge Advocate is reporting the FAA has ruled the practice is discriminatory and[…] Read this article

Mexico Beefing Up Oversight After FAA Downgrade
The Mexican government has suddenly found the money to increase the budget of its civil aviation authority by 40 percent after the FAA downgraded the nation’s airlines to its lowest safety rating last week. The government has freed up $7.5 million to hire 180 safety inspectors and beef up English[…] Read this article

Boeing Halts 787 Deliveries
Boeing has stopped deliveries of 787s for the second time this year because of what seems to be a paperwork shortcoming in its fix for fuselage joints on the aircraft. The FAA told the Seattle Times that the fixes “must be validated and approved by the FAA.” Spokeswoman Crystal Essiaw[…] Read this article

EAA Aviation Museum To Open Joe Engle Archive Collection Exhibit
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Aviation Museum has announced that it will be displaying a collection of the personal archives and memorabilia of NASA astronaut Joe Engle. Engle, who participated in the X-15, Apollo and space shuttle programs, and his wife, Jeanie, donated the collection to the EAA Aviation Foundation[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, May 28, 2021
What To Do About UFOs? Change The Name After 47 years and 28,000 hours of flying, I’ve never had an encounter but I flew with two different airline pilots who had. One pilot was in a modern fighter during his encounter. He described to me in detail the performance and[…] Read this article

Industry Round-up, May 28, 2021
This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports on the completion of a project investigating the use of machine learning in safety-critical aviation applications, the opening of a simulator training center and a new seat for commercial aircraft. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Daedalean have finished a 10-month project[…] Read this article