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Volume 29, Number 32e, August 12, 2022
Yet Another Highway Landing: This Time, All's Well That Ends Well
A new highway forced landing is making viral YouTube history thanks to dashcam video. This one came to a flaming finale, but fortunately both occupants of the Piper PA-32 were able to get out before fire engulfed the cabin on[…]   Read this article
Transportation Secretary Calls Out Airlines For Record Flight Cancelations
U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took to the airwaves to express his concerns with trouble on the nation’s airways, specifically calling out airlines’ performance in the face of record delays. Friday (Aug. 5) saw the most canceled flights (1,613) in[…]   Read this article
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Russia's Irkut Turns To Home-Grown Engines To Replace P&W's PW1400Gs
Western sanctions on Russia have driven aircraft manufacturer Irkut to retrofit one of its MC-21-300 airliners with Russian-built Aviadvigatel PD-14 turbofans, replacing Pratt & Whitney PW1400Gs. Russian technology firm Rostec reports that test flights on the six-year-old airframe with the[…] Read this article

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When Things Go Wrong
Every single emergency procedure you can imagine should follow the basic outline of “aviate, navigate, communicate” on the pilot’s side of things, but what does ATC do? It’s actually kind of backwards. We communicate with you first to find out[…] Read this article

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Hermeus Plans Engine Tests On Mach 5 Hypersonic Concept Aircraft
Hypersonic aircraft hopeful Hermeus reports it expects to complete several engine test runs by October for its “Quarterhorse” Mach 5 scaled testing concept aircraft. The turbine-based combined cycle engine, based on the venerable GE J85 jet, is part of the[…] Read this article