Volume 27, Number 3a, January 13, 2020
FAA Proposes Second Fine On Boeing Over Faulty Slat Tracks
The FAA is proposing a $5.4 million civil penalty against Boeing in addition to the $3.9 million fine it’s already sought for the use of faulty slat tracks in two models of the 737. The $3.9 million fine, levied for the inclusion of the faulty parts in 133 NG models,[…]   Read this article
Have We Reached Min MAX? Or Is It Max MAX?
The other week, my colleague, the stalwart Kate O’Connor, sent along a wry email: “I’m going to be writing about this for the rest of my life, aren’t I?” It was in reference to yet another development in the Boeing MAX story. You can hardly open a web browser without[…]   Read this article
Cirrus Vision Jet G2 Flight Trial
The $2.75 million Cirrus Vision Jet G2, for second-generation, remains in a class by itself because it’s the only certified single-engine turbofan-powered personal airplane, and it has the Cirrus CAPS whole-airplane parachute. For 2020, the Vision Jet has a few sizable changes including RVSM compliance for a 31,000-foot operating ceiling,[…] Read this article

Iran Admits To Shooting Down Airliner
Iran has admitted its forces downed a Ukrainian International Airlines aircraft on Wednesday, killing all 176 on board. “Armed Forces’ internal investigation has concluded that regrettably missiles fired due to human error caused the horrific crash of the Ukrainian plane & death of 176 innocent people. Investigations continue to identify[…] Read this article

Boeing Releases MAX Emails
More than one hundred pages of internal Boeing communications related to the design and certification of the grounded 737 MAX and including discussions about deceiving regulators, avoiding simulator training requirements and the aircraft’s poor design were released to the public on Thursday. According to Boeing, the communications were turned over[…] Read this article

Delta 757s In Runway Incursion
The FAA is investigating a runway incursion at JFK involving two Delta Boeing 757s, one of which was reportedly well into its takeoff roll. One aircraft had just arrived from St. Maarten and crossed the active Runway 22R after being told to hold short. A tower controller spotted the errant[…] Read this article

Radio Rant To Controller Prompts Fine, Suspension
A private helicopter pilot in the U.K. has been penalized about $2,000 and has had his pilot license suspended since July for an on-air rant berating an air traffic controller. Businessman Joel Tobias dressed down controller Andrea Tolley for what he alleged was an unreasonable delay in answering his initial[…] Read this article

USAF Test Pilot And Aviation Writer Walter Boyne Passes Away
U.S. Air Force test pilot, aviation writer and historian Col. Walter J. Boyne passed away on Thursday at the age of 90. Boyne joined the Air Force in 1951 and served as a nuclear test pilot with the 4925th Nuclear Test Group. Over the course of his military career, he[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, January 10, 2020
Carpe Propum! (Seize The Prop!) Mr. Berge’s piece was enjoyable and unexpected. I was taught to hand prop a Ryan STA forty-five years ago by an old, pre-WWII USAF sergeant pilot. He wasn’t into interpersonal relations or his trainee’s self-esteem, and along with his insistence that I learn cross wind[…] Read this article