Volume 27, Number 18b, April 29, 2020
AOPA’s Mark Baker: GA Hoping For Official Extensions Soon (UPDATED)
AOPA President Mark Baker held a live presentation last week (linked below), touching on several topics of interest to pilots […]   Read this article
Boeing To Restart 787 Production May 3, Expects Slow Return In Air Traffic
Boeing says it will resume production of the 787 Dreamliner in South Carolina by May 3, less than a month […]   Read this article
Bombardier To Resume Production
Bombardier has announced plans to gradually resume operations at its manufacturing facilities in Canada as of May 11. The company […] Read this article

JetBlue To Require Passenger Face Masks (UPDATED)
As social distancing and personal protection become the norms, it’s not been unusual to see airline personnel wearing face masks, […] Read this article

UPS, CVS To Launch Residential Drone Delivery Service In Florida
UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward (UPSFF) has announced plans to begin using drones to deliver prescription medicines from a CVS […] Read this article

Poll: Do You Favor Cirrus-Style Real-Time Monitoring?
Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community. Share your opinion by participating in our current poll. Read this article

Short Final: Rough Landing
Two years ago, my fiancee and I were chaperoning my 94‑year‑old grandparents on a Delta Air Lines flight to a […] Read this article

Nothing Sparks Fear And Loathing Like A Stoolie
Cirrus' innovative IQ monitoring system ought to be a home run. Nope. Pilots worry about privacy and enforcement.  Read this article

JetSuite Files For Chapter 11
Charter company JetSuite has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It had stopped operations in mid-April and furloughed its workforce. […] Read this article

Roy Halladay Crash Dissected
On April 14th, 2020, the NTSB released the docket for the fatal crash of an Icon A5 piloted by baseball star Roy Halladay. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli comments on the docket findings. You can find the full report on the NTSB site at https://tinyurl.com/y8srdpmc Read this article