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Volume 30, Number 18a, May 1, 2023
Army Grounds Non-Essential Flights For Safety Training Pause
The commander of the Army has ceased all non-essential aviation operations after the second midair collision of Army helicopters within a month. Two Apaches collided near Fort Wainwright, Alaska, on Thursday, killing three soldiers and injuring one. It came after[…]   Read this article
AEA 2023: Prizm Smart Cabin Lighting
Thanks to advanced software and new lighting tech, the possibilities are endless for modernizing the cabin lighting in high-end cabins. One company on the cutting edge of cabin smart-lighting solutions is Illinois-based Prizm Aircraft Lighting. It can highly customize a[…]   Read this article
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Towplane Concept Tested For Electric Aircraft
California startup Magpie Aviation is proposing an in-flight tow system to increase the range of electric aircraft. Unless and until battery technology makes some major advances, electric aircraft useful load is limited by the need to load up with batteries[…] Read this article

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Army Pilots Get Surprise Three-Year Hitch Extensions
Army pilots are fighting mad after being told they will have to serve three years longer than they thought they’d signed up to stay in. According to CNN the Army says about 600 officers, many of them pilots and many[…] Read this article

FAA Brass Overruled Engineers On MAX Grounding
So-far-unnamed senior FAA officials overruled their own engineers who called for the immediate grounding of Boeing 737 MAX after the second fatal crash in five months in Ethiopia in March of 2019. The Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General issued[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, April 28, 2023
At Least It Didn’t Blow Up On The Pad Overlooked is the fact that this rocket was built out of welded stainless steel, outdoors, in a field in Texas. Compared to the old way of building rockets, doing it this[…] Read this article