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Volume 29, Number 46d, November 17, 2022
Artemis I Launches On Monthlong Uncrewed Lunar Mission
After months of delays and in a spectacular nighttime launch, NASA sent its new Space Launch System on its inaugural mission early Wednesday morning. The booster lifted off at 1:47 a.m. Eastern time on a 26-day mission. Although the rocket[…]   Read this article
Tragedy In Dallas
It’s never a good thing when a general aviation accident occupies the lead slot on the evening news on a Saturday night. Or when it consumes five minutes of an abbreviated newscast that aired in the market where I live.[…]   Read this article
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Flight Trial Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset
Lightspeed Aviation is out with its latest headset, the Delta Zulu. It has a built-in carbon monoxide detector and can be customized to help pilots who have hearing loss. AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli took the headset for a test flight and[…] Read this article

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Commercial Balloon Pilots Now Need Medicals
The FAA has adopted a final rule requiring commercial balloon pilots to have a current second class medical to fly passengers. The rule was adopted Wednesday but has been in the works for four years after Congress passed a bill[…] Read this article

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Three People, 53 Dogs Survive Snowy Golf Course Crash
All 56 occupants of a twin-engine turboprop (possibly a Metroliner) were rescued after it crash-landed on a golf course near Milwaukee in a snowstorm. Three people and 53 dogs were on the plane. The dogs were in in danger of[…] Read this article

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Aviation Groups Lobby For 5G Delay
A total of 24 aviation industry groups and prominent manufacturers have sent an open letter to all federal departments that regulate radio communications imploring them to delay the full rollout of 5G cellular services while they expedite codifying a comprehensive[…] Read this article

Defector's An-2 Crashes In Florida
The Antonov AN-2 that a Cuban defector used to fly to Florida in late October crashed near Opa Locka, Florida, on Monday, but it’s not clear who was at the controls. The two people on board were not injured when the[…] Read this article