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Volume 29, Number 47d, November 24, 2022
Europe Urges Automation, FAA Stresses Stick And Rudder
As European regulators began lobbying the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) to develop automation standards that will allow single-pilot airliner operations, the FAA issued an advisory circular that stresses CRM and maintaining manual flying skills. The European Aviation Safety Agency[…]   Read this article
NASA's Big Week
In my typical week, I spend a fair amount of bandwidth just deflecting the overwhelming volume of pixels gushing into my inbox and news feeds. By necessity and in the interest of survival, I skip past much of it. But[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Best Of The Web: CAF Dallas Crash Early Analysis
AOPA Aviation Safety Foundation VP Richard McSpadden prepared this early analysis video of last week’s CAF fatal B-17/P-63 midair in Dallas. His explanation of how parallel show lines are used to separate mixed types illuminates how such an accident could[…] Read this article

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Pilots Jailed After Firetruck Accident
The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) is protesting the arrest and incarceration of the two pilots operating the A320neo that was hit by a firetruck on a runway in Lima, Peru, last week. Immediately after the accident,[…] Read this article

Airfleet Capital 'Aircraft Financing
Experimental Fatals Jump
Fatal accidents in experimental aircraft jumped about 25 percent last year compared with the previous year, and EAA says “focused efforts to enhance safety even further remain essential.” In a news release, the organization says the 56 fatal accidents in[…] Read this article

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RAF Flies Tanker On SAF
The RAF flew one of its Voyager tankers on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and said it wasn’t just a publicity stunt. In a news release, the RAF said it’s serious about becoming the world’s first net-zero Air Force[…] Read this article