Volume 28, Number 45c, November 5, 2021
Aviation Groups Ask For Alternative Fuel Program Funding Increase
A group of six aviation associations asked Congress to increase funding for the Alternative Fuels for General Aviation program for fiscal year 2022 in a letter to the leadership of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations,[…]   Read this article
Two Bernies Who Saved Aviation
Without apologizing for being an old muser, I wonder how many passengers wheeling luggage through New York’s JFK could identify the airport’s namesake. Those unable to decode the initials shouldn’t be allowed to board anything but a tram to LaGuardia[…]   Read this article
Airbus Launches New Innovation Unit
Airbus officially launched its new Airbus Scale innovation unit on Wednesday. According to the company, the unit is expected to focus on promoting and identifying “internal corporate innovation opportunities that can be developed into solutions for the external world” as[…] Read this article

An Annual From Hell: Lessons For All
We’ve been owning and flying airplanes long enough to know for certain that the sport has many things going for it. But let’s be real—membership also comes with some downsides. This includes rising insurance premiums, ever-changing fuel prices, monthly database[…] Read this article

First Class Graduates From Bombardier Apprenticeship Program
The first ten people from the two-year Bombardier Aerospace Apprenticeship Program (BAAP) have officially graduated, according to a company announcement on Thursday. All graduates of the program receive offers of full-time employment as aircraft assemblers or aerostructures apprentices at Bombardier’s[…] Read this article

Martha King Scholarship Winner Announced
King Schools has announced that Sarah Tamar has been awarded this year’s Women in Aviation, International (WAI)/Martha R. King Scholarship for Female Flight Instructors. Tamar, who flies amphibious Cessna Caravans for New York seaplane service Tailwind, currently holds certificates and[…] Read this article