Volume 27, Number 13b, March 25, 2020
Boeing Shuts Down Manufacturing In Washington State
Boeing announced a “temporary suspension” of production at its Washington factories to last two weeks. In a statement, Boeing said […]   Read this article
GE Furloughs 10 Percent Of Workforce
Another company deep in aviation has announced cutbacks. This week Boeing will shutter its Puget Sound facilities for at least […]   Read this article
Bombardier Suspends Production, Furloughs Employees
Bombardier has announced that it will suspend “all non-essential work” at most of its Canada-based operations beginning Tuesday evening. According […] Read this article

Aviation Alphabets Ask For Airport Relief
As the U.S. government considers widespread economic relief packages in the wake of COVID-19, a coalition of aviation groups are […] Read this article

Ground Engine Testing Begins On SkyCourier Prototype
Textron Aviation announced on Monday that it has successfully completed initial ground engine tests on the prototype of its Cessna […] Read this article

Cessna 210 Wing Spar AD Issued (UPDATED)
The FAA has turned Textron’s previous service bulletin requiring inspections of Cessna 210 spar caps into an Airworthiness Directive that […] Read this article

ForeFlight App Offers 3D Approach Preview
Visualizing instrument approaches just got a little easier with the latest ForeFlight app, which offers a video-style 3D preview of […] Read this article

Flight Schools and Instructors: We Want to Hear From You
If you teach at or run a flight school—any size, from one of the big ones to a small-airport school—and […] Read this article

Short Final: Hostile Target
I was ferrying my new-to-me warbird home to Texas and bubbling over with new plane pride. Memphis Center: “Focke-Wulf 1234 […] Read this article

Poll: Has GA Flying Increased at Your Airport Due to Covid-19
Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community. Share your opinion by participating in our current poll. Read this article

NASA Super Computers Aim At Aircraft Noise
By Paul Bertorelli
On an airliner, engines are a source of noise heard on the ground, but so is airflow over landing gear, flaps and slats. Using massive supercomputers to model airflow, NASA is seeking ways to reduce such noise. This AVweb video explains the project. Read this article