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Volume 29, Number 19d, May 12, 2022
AVweb.com Announces Pre-Launch Of Classified Ad System
Now in its third decade as the premier independent voice of aviation, AVweb.com has entered the pre-launch phase of a comprehensive classified advertising system to serve the nearly one million site visits made by pilots and aviation industry professionals each[…]   Read this article
To Be Or To Rather Be?
While adorable in the cradle, three aviation phrases have decayed into Hallmark substitutes for thought. First: “Any landing you can walk away from….” You know the rest and that it’s nonsense. Merely surviving an arrival that leaves the FBO’s 172[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Hurricane Post Restoration First Flight
The Hawker Hurricane is one of several iconic fighters of World War II and a relative rarity on the airshow circuit. In this week’s video, well-known Canadian warbird expert Dave Hadfield takes us through the initial test flight of a[…] Read this article

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Republic Seeks 1500-Hour Rule Exemption
Republic Airways says it wants to open the flight deck door to more underrepresented demographics and it wants the FAA to meet it halfway in terms of pilot experience. The airline says it can safely put a new pilot in[…] Read this article

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Passenger Lands Caravan (Updated)
A passenger with no flight training was able to land a Cessna Caravan in Palm Beach on Tuesday after the pilot collapsed at the controls. The passenger, Darren Harrison, of Lakeland, Florida, one of two passengers, was able to contact[…] Read this article

Embraer Nearing Decision On New Turboprop
Embraer says it will make a decision on whether to proceed with development of its unusual rear-engine turboprop regional aircraft by the middle of 2023. Arjan Meijer, Embraer’s head of commercial aviation, told Reuters the company is in talks with[…] Read this article

Two Killed, 14 Injured In Skydive Caravan Crash
Two people were killed and 14 others injured in the crash landing of a Cessna Caravan skydiving plane in Brazil on Wednesday. The Skydive4Fun aircraft took off from the National Skydive Center in Boituva, which is considered the “national skydive[…] Read this article