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Volume 30, Number 20d, May 18, 2023
B-17 Wing Inspection AD Issued
As expected, the FAA has issued an AD that likely requires a complex inspection of the wing attachment assemblies on all the airworthy aircraft. The FAA says an eddy current inspection of bolt holes in the wing structure is likely[…]   Read this article
The Trouble With Making Examples Of Stupid Pilot Tricks
When I was in ninth grade—hell, when I was in college—I didn’t know what an algorithm was. Now, my life—yours too—is ruled by the damn things. Absentmindedly click on something and within hours, you’re buried in a tsunami of more[…]   Read this article
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Banner Tow Pilot Killed In Fiery Crash
A pilot was killed when his banner tow plane crashed in Hollywood, Florida, on Wednesday. Video shows the Piper Pawnee flying slowly and at low altitude while still towing the large banner over the city. It appeared to be losing[…] Read this article

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Russian Airlines Don't Want To Hear About Aircraft 'Defects'
Russian airlines are reportedly asking employees to stop logging aircraft defects so it can keep flying the defective planes. The Moscow Times says a worker told the Russian language investigative publication Proekt the policy has been in effect for about[…] Read this article


2004 Cessna 182T Skylane N425P

2005 Piper 6XT

2006 Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse

2007 Total Eclipse “Plus”

ICON Publishes Flight Training Guide, Coffee Table Book
Icon Aircraft has entered the publishing business with a couple of books aimed at helping those millions of aviation dreamers to take the plunge into a lifelong vocation. The company, which builds the small amphibious A5 that is aimed at[…] Read this article

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