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Volume 29, Number 18e, May 6, 2022
Boeing Moves Global Headquarters To Arlington
Boeing announced on Thursday that it is moving its global headquarters from Chicago, Illinois, to Arlington, Virginia. The company says it plans to maintain a significant presence in Chicago, but also noted that less office space would be required at[…]   Read this article
My Fleeting But Memorable Fling With the AN-225
The answer to this question is almost certainly yes, but I’ll ask anyway. Has an airplane you’ve flown ever crashed? Has it taken lives with it? For me the answer is yes to both and when I considered it casually,[…]   Read this article
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Stratolaunch Tests Talon Release Pylon
Stratolaunch has completed the fifth flight of its Roc carrier aircraft, successfully testing a new pylon on the aircraft’s center wing. The pylon, which is constructed with aluminum and carbon fiber skins, will be used to carry and release the[…] Read this article

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Airbus Forms Air Mobility Initiative
Airbus is heading a Germany-based partnership aimed at “making urban air mobility within and between cities a reality.” Called the Air Mobility Initiative (AMI), the program will set up a series of research projects focused on three areas: electric vertical[…] Read this article

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Panel Teardowns: More Than Metal Work
Most existing round-gauge airplanes have instrument panels that simply weren’t designed for big-screen displays. That means your shop will likely be tasked with cutting a new metal panel to make it all fit. And even if your proposed upgrade doesn’t[…] Read this article

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Bombardier Reports Strong Q1 Performance
Bombardier announced on Thursday that it has seen strong aftermarket performance, robust free cash flow generation and a growing backlog in the first quarter (Q1) of 2022. According to the company, its Q1 revenues from business jet sales and aftermarket[…] Read this article