Volume 27, Number 2b, January 8, 2020
Boeing Recommends Sim Training for MAX
Backtracking on its previous indications, Boeing is now recommending simulator training for 737 MAX crews. In a statement, the company […]   Read this article
Mooney Employees Furloughed Again
Employees at Mooney’s Kerrville plant, furloughed on Nov. 11 and recalled in early December, are once again out of work. […]   Read this article
Garmin Updates G3X Touch And G5 Features For Certified Aircraft
Garmin today rolled out features for certified versions of its G3X Touch and G5 electronic instruments that have been live […] Read this article

Hyundai, Uber Partner On Air Taxis
Hyundai and Uber announced a partnership aimed at developing air taxis for a “future aerial ride share network” at the […] Read this article

Carpe Propum! (Seize The Prop!)
Our Latin translation stinks, but grabbing a propeller is a time-honored procedure for starting airplane engines or amputating limbs Read this article

Podcast: Daher Sees Expansion Potential in Sandpoint, Idaho, Kodiak Factory
With growth in the single-engine turboprop market hard to come by, Daher nearly doubled its output with its acquisition of […] Read this article

Apprenticeship Program Earns Department Of Labor Approval
The U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration’s Office of Apprenticeship has approved an avionics technician apprenticeship program created […] Read this article

Accident Probe: Flying The Big Engine
By the time a typical aircraft has a few years under its belt, it’s been modified from what rolled out […] Read this article

ADS-B: Just One More Thing...
In our last AVweb episode, we made a hash of explaining how you actually can fly under Class C airspace […] Read this article