Volume 26, Number 51c, December 27, 2019
MAX May Be Grounded, But Boeing Selling Its Safety
With hundreds of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft parked and the production pipeline shut down, Boeing is busy trying to sell airlines on its inherent safety and offering ways to entice passengers to fly it. But it may be an uphill battle in the wake of a survey that revealed 40[…]   Read this article
FAA Proposes Rule To Require Remote Identification Of Drones
The FAA issued a proposal on Thursday for a rule that would require unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drones) to be identifiable remotely. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) suggests tying remote identification requirements to UAS registration and would allow drone identification and location information to be received by “people on the[…]   Read this article
So You Blew Off ADS-B? Now What?
Beginning next week, pilots will need ADS-B if they want to fly in certain U.S. airspace. In case you didn’t get it done, Avweb’s Paul Bertorelli covers the options in this video. For many pilots, not having ADS-B won’t impact their flying much, if at all. Read this article

Gulfstream Delivers 600th G550
Gulfstream announced the delivery of its 600th Gulfstream G550 business jet on Monday, celebrating the milestone at the company’s completions and maintenance facility in Brunswick, Georgia. Introduced in 2000, the G550 flew for the first time in July 2002 and entered service in September of the following year. The Gulfstream[…] Read this article

Boeing's Christmas Gift
I can’t pretend to know that Boeing’s firing of CEO Dennis Muilenburg should have occurred months ago and that this should have been intuitively obvious around the boardroom. From the inside looking out, it may have appeared that booting him sooner would have made a bad situation worse. But evidently,[…] Read this article

When It’s Time To Throw That Landing Away
I’m not proud. I’ve done a lot of go-arounds in my career, and I’ll do one on my next flight if the occasion warrants. A lot of busted airplanes have resulted from trying to make a landing work, regardless of the situation. Back during my Army Aviation affiliations, our unit[…] Read this article

Irkut Adds Fourth MC-21-300 To Test Program
Russian aircraft manufacturer and United Aircraft Corporation branch Irkut continued the flight test campaign for its MC-21-300 airliner with the initial flight of the program’s fourth test aircraft on Wednesday. According to the company, the design of its latest test aircraft took into account test data from the first three[…] Read this article