Volume 27, Number 3b, January 15, 2020
Boeing Gets New CEO
David Calhoun officially took over as president and chief executive officer of The Boeing Company on Monday. Calhoun follows Dennis […]   Read this article
Delta 777 Dumps Fuel Over School (Updated)
A Delta Air Lines Boeing 777 dumped fuel that fell on a Los Angeles-area school as it returned to LAX […]   Read this article
Buying Used: The GlaStar Homebuilt
This article originally appeared in our sister brand KITPLANES. It’s part of an ongoing series of articles written for pilots […] Read this article

BelugaXL Enters Service
The first of six A330-based BelugaXL mega freighters entered service today—enabling Airbus to carry ever larger aircraft parts for production […] Read this article

OPENER Names New Leadership
California-based OPENER has announced that Ben Diachun will be stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer as the company […] Read this article

Hybrid Airlander Moves Toward Production
After a challenging prototyping period, Hybrid Air Vehicles says it’s redesigned its inflatable airfoil called the Airlander 1 and has […] Read this article

The Pilot’s Lounge #150: Words To Fly By
It’s been unusually quiet in the pilot’s lounge at the virtual airport. We lost Old Hack last week. No, he […] Read this article

Cirrus Vision Jet G2 Flight Trial
For 2020, the Cirrus Vision Jet has a few sizable changes including RVSM compliance for a 31,000-foot operating ceiling, increased payload, a 1200-mile max range, Safe Return Emergency Autoland (which is currently being certified and to be standard equipment), plus autothrottle. Here's a video report on the airplane. Read this article

Have We Reached Min MAX? Or Is It Max MAX?
Hardly a week goes by without another shocking revelation about the Boeing MAX. Here's hoping it will stop soon while knowing it won't. Read this article