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Sonic booms rattled southern Oregon last week but the Air National Guard isn't apologizing. Spokeswoman Capt. Mitzi Mazzia said two F-15s broke the sound barrier last Thursday morning as part of a readiness exercise. Residents of Coos Bay and North Bend and Charleston weren't ready, however, and flooded authorities with calls...

If Richard Branson says "You're fired" perhaps something will actually catch fire. The British billionaire, known in aviation circles for his ownership of Virgin Airlines and his record-setting exploits in ballooning, is going head-to-head with Donald Trump for reality-TV ratings by subjecting contestants on Fox's Branson's Big Adventure to the same sorts of trials by fire he experienced in building his fortune -- and his reputation as a daredevil...

King Schools and EAA are combining to create courses for Sport Pilot students and instructors. The collaboration will result in written and practical training for students as well as courses and ratings for instructors. The courses will be available on DVD right after the Sport Pilot rule is finalized.