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Training Time #1: Whose Job Is It, Anyhow?
Time for a changing of the guard. One of AVweb's most popular columnists, John Deakin, is taking a leave of absence and will return occasionally in the future. (Read about his plans here.)

Meanwhile, our newest columnist is a long-time contributor to AVweb. Linda Pendleton, a CFI and currently the Flight Training Manager for Eclipse Aviation, will bring us the latest from the world of flight training. In her first column, Linda discusses concerns she has about the state of the instructor/student relationship. Is the CFI solely responsible when a student is not properly signed off for solo, cross-country or even the practical exam? Is the student not at all to blame if they didn't learn all the subjects in the practical test standards? Like all of AVweb's columnists, don't expect Linda to sit quietly and toe some party line -- she leaves no one off the hook.