Volume 26, Number 31b
August 7, 2019
Smoke-Filled British Air A321 Makes Emergency Landing In Spain
Nineteen passengers were injured after British Airways Flight 422 made an emergency landing at its intended destination of Valencia, Spain, […]   Read this article
American Adds MAX Flights In November
American Airlines seems to expect the Boeing 737 MAX to be back in service by November. This week, the airline […]   Read this article
Airbus Begins A220 Production In Alabama
This week, Airbus officially kicked off production of the A220 commuter jet at the Mobile, Alabama, facility, run by workers […]   Read this article
Boeing Redesigning Max Control System
Boeing is fundamentally redesigning the software architecture of the 737 MAX flight control system to take data from both of […] Read this article

EAA: Experimental Ops Limits To Be Fixed
EAA says that it’s close to getting the FAA to revise the current template of operating limitations that are applied […] Read this article

Needle, Ball And Airspeed
The turn needle was probably the earliest attitude reference for instrument flying. It dates back about a hundred years and […] Read this article

Accident Probe: Twin Training
When I first started training to fly multi-engine airplanes, it was solemnly explained to me that there were a few […] Read this article

I Hereby Withdraw The Previous Blog (Unequivocally)
And while I'm at at it, does anyone know how to turn the clock back to July 20th? I need a reset here.  Read this article

Flying That's All Brother To Normandy: What It Was Like
In June 2019, 15 C-47s and DC-3s flew across the North Atlantic to commemorate the 75h anniversary of the D-Day invasion. But flying the Atlantic in a 75-year-old plus airplane isn't like a cross country for the $50 hamburger. In this AVweb video, D-Day Squadron's Doug Rozendaal tells AVweb's Paul Bertorelli what it took to fly to France and back. And how an engine problem grounded the airplane at Oshkosh. Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 2, 2019
This week's letters brought comments from readers about the Boeing 737 MAX, hacking risks associated with GA aircraft, the Electrolite electric ultralight and interesting aircraft at AirVenture. Read this article