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Volume 29, Number 20a, May 16, 2022
One Dead After Bridge Crash
One person was killed and five injured after a Cessna 172 made an emergency landing on a bridge and collided with an SUV in Miami on Saturday afternoon. Two occupants of the plane were able to get out of the[…]   Read this article
Miami Accident: Don't Be Fearful Of Ditching
Over the weekend of May 14, a Cessna 172 made an emergency landing on the Haulover Inlet Bridge, resulting in one fatality. Ditching in the water might have been the higher percentage choice. In this video, Paul Bertorelli goes over[…]   Read this article
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From the No-Surprise File: FAA Switches Up On Electric Aircraft Certification
Sooner or later, the FAA—and regulators worldwide—will reach an inflection point with electric aircraft and it may be that sooner has arrived. Or at least has been hinted at. Last week, Air Currents reported that the agency is switching gears,[…] Read this article

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Caravan Passenger Who Landed Plane Tells Story On Today
The untrained passenger who landed a Cessna Caravan at Palm Beach Airport last week has broken his silence and will appear on the Today Show Monday to tell the story from his perspective. Darren Harrison’s phone has been blowing up[…] Read this article

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Space Tourists Overworked, Disrupted Space Station Routine
Using the most diplomatic language possible, the three billionaires who paid $55 million each for a trip to the International Space Station told a news conference they were overworked on their epic adventure. “With the value of hindsight, we were[…] Read this article

Embraer To Hire 1,000 New Employees
Embraer announced on Thursday that it is looking for around 1,000 new employees to fill positions at its facilities in Brazil. According to the company, the newly opened jobs will support its recovering production rate, services and support growth, product[…] Read this article

Fugitive Flight May Have Been Illegal Charter
The pilot of the Cherokee 140 that crashed on a night flight in the Canadian wilderness in April, killing two alleged gangsters and two pilots, had been accused of operating an illegal charter service. As we reported, the aircraft crashed[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, May 13, 2022
Opinions Differ On Pilot Shortage As I have progressed through my career as a pilot, I have found that when moving to a crew environment and into transport category planes it takes more brainpower to do these jobs. Add to[…] Read this article