Volume 27, Number 10b, March 4, 2020
Nashville Airports Damaged By Deadly Storms
Nashville’s John C. Tune Airport (JWN) sustained significant damage from a tornado associated with severe storms that killed at least […]   Read this article
UAS Remote ID Comment Period Closed, EAA Responds
The FAA has trampled over the rights of the “traditional model aviation” community in its rush to create remote identification […]   Read this article
Cessna 210 Wing Spar AD Issued (UPDATED)
The FAA has turned Textron’s previous service bulletin requiring inspections of Cessna 210 spar caps into an Airworthiness Directive that […] Read this article

Elon Musk: AI And Space Force Will Obsolete Fighters
Manned fighter aircraft will be supplanted by autonomous air vehicles and reusable space vehicles, said SpaceX and Tesla leader Elon […] Read this article

AOPA To Retire Online Flight Planner
Noting that Jeppesen will be decommissioning the underlying map structure, AOPA announced today that its desktop flight planner will go […] Read this article

This Week In Gear-up Landing News (Revised)
For news outlets equipped with gyro-stabilized copter cans, gear-up landing videos are a staple. One that occurred in San Jose last week was caught from three angles. As an added bonus, more footage from a gear-up in Phoenix. Both generate some takeaways. Read this article

I Stalled The Damn Thing
Don't worry, I've got this. But here's an eye-opening experience that sheds light on all those stall/spin articles I've been writing. Read this article

Accident Probe: Unwarranted
Pilots fly for different reasons. For some, it’s a living. For others, it’s recreation or personal transportation. Some want to […] Read this article

Survey Seeks Airline And Instrument-Rated Private Pilots
Researchers from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) are looking for instrument-rated private pilots and airline pilots who also fly general aviation […] Read this article

Short Final: Wind Shear
On final to Boeing Field 14R on a blustery Pacific Northwest fall day a Gulfstream reported wind shear upon landing. […] Read this article