Volume 28, Number 21a, May 17, 2021
FAA Wants To Add Cardinals To Cessna Spar AD
The FAA wants to expand the AD requiring inspection of the carry-through spars on Cessna 210s to more models of that type and to some versions of the 177 Cardinal. The agency issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking requiring inspection of the spars on almost 2,000 additional aircraft that were[…]   Read this article
Knee Jerking Against The New
Douglas Adams, the noted author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” was a prolific writer whose creative work encompassed essays, books, screenplays and television. I can’t say I’m a devoted fan, but I think I read Hitchhiker some years ago. After his death in 2001, an unfinished novel called[…]   Read this article
Why New Aircraft Engine Ideas Rarely Succeed
Aircraft owners and pilots often bemoan the lack of new technology in aircraft engines and complain—accurately—that most airplane engines are basically 1960s tech. But as Paul Bertorelli points out in this video, it’s not for lack of trying. And it’s not necessarily the new engine itself that fails to get[…] Read this article

Mass. Senator Backs Off On Landing Fee Plan
After his phone blew up last week, Massachusetts state senator Julian Cyr is rethinking his proposal to levy a $1,000 landing fee on private and corporate aircraft. As we reported last week, Cyr proposed “An Act to Mitigate the Climate Impact of Private and Corporate Air Travel,” in a bill[…] Read this article

Breeze Airways Gets Federal Approval
Startup budget carrier Breeze Airways got its Air Operator’s Certificate from the Department of Transportation last week but it’s remaining tight-lipped about where it will start flying. The federal document reportedly grants the airline access to 49 airports but the initial schedule is thought to include only about half that[…] Read this article

Union Spat Grows From Crew Rest Controversy
A dispute over crew rest rules has turned into an international spat between pilot unions. Last week Air Line Pilots Association President Joe DePete took the unusual step of publicly criticizing Unifor, the union that represents pilots at several Canadian airlines including Cargojet. The cargo airline is embroiled in a[…] Read this article

Pole Flight Complete, Earthrounder Carries On
Adrian Eichhorn has completed his overflight of the North Pole and is on his way south along the  west coast of North America to Portland, the terminus of the flight. Eichhorn and Shinji Maeda took off together in nearly identical V-tail Bonanzas from Manassas, Virginia, on May 6 and flew[…] Read this article

First Red Hawk Fuselage Joined In Record Time
Boeing announced on Thursday that it successfully joined the front and aft fuselage sections of its first T-7A Red Hawk advanced military trainer in less than 30 minutes. The trainer was developed by Boeing and Saab using 3D model-based definition and data management systems with the aft fuselage being built[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, May 14, 2021
Take A Seat In Fantasy’s Front Row Great article. Enjoyed it immensely…as both a pilot who was introduced to GA via a CAP L-16 and an owner of a 63 Studebaker Lark. As I went nostalgic, I began to think about entry and egress of any airplane, GA or commercial…and[…] Read this article

Industry Round-up, May 14, 2021
This week, AVweb’s news roundup uncovered reports on a new battery for the Pilatus PC-24, the launch of a line of digital clocks, a simulator addition for a training center and a survey ranking FBOs. True Blue Power has announced that its TB40 fifth-generation lithium-ion main ship batteries are now[…] Read this article