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Volume 29, Number 51d, December 22, 2022
FAA Invalidates 140 Checkrides In Alaska
The FAA has told anyone who got a checkride for an instrument or instrument instructor from a well-known Alaska bush pilot that they may need to redo it to keep their ratings. According to the Anchorage Daily News, the checkrides[…]   Read this article
And Now, A ChatBot For All Your Aviation Questions
Fads and trends blow through the cyberverse like tumbleweeds in Texas and far be it from me to feign being above it all. So the hot new thing this month is ChatGPT which journalists are fooling with to grind out[…]   Read this article
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Congress Smooths MAX 10, 7 Certifications
Congress has approved an amendment to a 2020 law that will allow the FAA to certify Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 and 7 models without updating the crew alerting systems. Those systems will have to be updated eventually, but the exemption[…] Read this article

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ALPA Says There Are Plenty Of Pilots, Instructors
The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) says the training pipeline is producing more than enough pilots to meet current and future needs and airlines are falsely blaming a pilot and instructor shortage for their operations problems. It’s not the first time[…] Read this article

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Textron Sells SkyCourier Airliners To Mexican Startup
Textron has sold a couple of its SkyCourier twins in passenger configuration to Mexican startup Aerus. The new airline also ordered four 14-passenger Caravan EXes to serve domestic and international routes with a hub in Monterrey in northeastern Mexico. The[…] Read this article

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