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Volume 29, Number 20c, May 18, 2022
Data Points To Intentional Crash Of China Eastern Boeing 737-800
Citing “people familiar with U.S. officials’ preliminary assessment of what led to the accident,” today’s issue (May 17) of the Wall Street Journal reported that data suggests the fatal crash of a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 on March 21 was[…]   Read this article
New Research Suggests There's Still A Lot To Learn From Birds
Every pilot admires the way birds fly (most birds, anyway). But researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF) Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering have launched a study on how birds execute their best “perching” maneuver—landing on tree branches,[…]   Read this article
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Texas Lawsuit Claims Southwest Tried To Bamboozle The FAA
Attorneys pursuing a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines posted a legal filing accusing the airline of an unusual certification maneuver they say was designed to deceive the FAA. A Seattle Times story published Monday (May 16) reported that, in 2016, before the[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Webinar G1000 to G1000 NXi upgrade
“AVweb works for Aircraft Spruce, and it will work for you too.”
SPONSORED CONTENT—Rob’s comments arrived in the AVweb marketing department last week as aviation’s premier news and information service prepared to roll out phase one of its new classified advertising system. According to Publisher Tom Bliss, AVweb’s classified ad service is[…] Read this article

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Pilatus' 'Super Versatile Jet' Comes With A Quick-Change Cabin
Pilatus calls its PC24 the SVJ, or “Super Versatile Jet,” and has produced a video to demonstrate that capability. The video shows the step-by-step process of reconfiguring the cabin for a variety of missions with nine separate cabin layouts. They[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Bounce
Many years ago and right after I had gotten my private ticket, I decided it would be “fun” to pick up one of my customers at Midway Airport. Of course I had been to towered fields before but not with[…] Read this article