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Volume 29, Number 24c, June 15, 2022
China Aviation Authority Cites Plans To Increase GA Aircraft And Airports
China, which has had an alternating love-hate relationship with private and personal aviation for decades, now wants to increase the number of registered general aviation aircraft to 3,500 by the end of 2025. According to official data from the Civil[…]   Read this article
Amazon Announces Drone Deliveries To Start In California Town This Year
On Monday (June 13), Amazon announced on the “Today” show that Lockeford, California, will be the launch community for Prime Air deliveries later this year. Packages weighing less than five pounds will be delivered within one hour from an Amazon[…]   Read this article
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Summer Navy Program Brings Opportunity For 20 High School Students
The U.S. Navy announced today (June 14) that it has named 20 high school students to its eight-week U.S. Navy Summer Flight Academy. Conducted at either Delaware State University in Dover or Elizabeth City (North Carolina) State University, the program[…] Read this article

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Finding A Good 172 For Under 100K
SPONSORED CONTENT — In a world filled with half-million-dollar used Cirruses and Piper Malibus, how does the budget-minded aviator get off the ground? Some quality time with the classifieds yields interesting data, which, like the tea leaves, can help find[…] Read this article

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Airlines Anticipating A Chaotic Summer, Raising Prices On Fares And Fees
If you’ve been looking for further justification for your FIY (fly-it-yourself) habit, recent reports on airline travel should give you plenty of backup. For example, National Public Radio reported on Monday that airlines canceled thousands of flights over the Memorial[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Slower Than A Helicopter?
Last summer, I was flying around the western edge of the New York Class B talking to NY Approach. He called out business jet traffic arriving at Teterboro to me first and then: Approach: BizJet123, traffic 12 o’clock, 3 miles,[…] Read this article