Volume 27, Number 50b, December 9, 2020
Chuck Yeager Dead At 97
Legendary test pilot and World War II fighter ace Gen. Charles E. Yeager died Monday night, according to a tweet […]   Read this article
The Yeager Legacy
Chuck Yeager stood astride the leather helmet flight test era and the emergence of space flight. He was perfectly positioned to usher in the new era.    Read this article
Aviation Remembers Chuck Yeager
General Chuck Yeager, first man to break the sound barrier, passed away on Monday night at 97. In the hours […] Read this article

Boeing Delivers First 737 MAX In 21 Months, Ryanair Orders Another 75
Boeing’s fortunes with the 737 MAX might be slowly changing. United took delivery of a 737 MAX today, the first […] Read this article

2021 Paris Air Show Canceled
The 2021 Paris Air Show has been canceled due to uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, show organizers announced […] Read this article

Laughing Gas: A Nitrous-Boosted RV-8
Of all the ways to get an RV to VNE, nitrous oxide injection is one of the more exotic. Something of a forbidden fire in the hot rodder’s bag of tricks, building big horsepower from nitrous is on one hand so easy engine builders say it’s your engine on drugs while more experienced practitioners get a little quiet when recalling fireballs and torched pistons. But to the high priests chanting the proper incantations, nitrous seems a short path to the winner’s circle. Read this article

NTSB To FAA: Do Something About Oil Filter Adapters for Continentals
Citing a recent fatal accident of a Cessna 182 in California, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has renewed efforts […] Read this article

WAI Announces 2021 Pioneer Hall Of Fame Inductees
Women in Aviation International (WAI) has selected Joan Robinson-Berry, Maj. Gen. Carol Timmons and the U.S. Marine Corps’ First Class […] Read this article

Alphabets Oppose 5G Frequency Allocation
As we previously reported, the Radio Technical Committee for Aeronautics (RTCA) had warned that 5G signals from cellphones could interfere […] Read this article

Accident Probe: Emergency Takeoffs
It’s always been curious to me how the lion’s share of GA training emphasizes landings over takeoffs. Smoothly returning to […] Read this article

AVweb Profile: Aviation Photographer Steve Zimmermann
Colorado-based Steve Zimmermann is an exceptionally talented photographer with an unusual focus. He likes to shoot captivating subjects on the […] Read this article