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Volume 30, Number 6d, February 9, 2023
Cirrus Grounds Its Own Planes Due To Potential Engine Manufacturing Defect (Updated)
Cirrus Aircraft has confirmed it has stopped flying all the SR22s and SR22Ts it operates that were built between June 21, 2021, and Feb. 7, 2023, because what is believed to be a manufacturing assembly defect in Continental engines. “Cirrus[…]   Read this article
FAA Clears Partially Hydrogen-Powered Flight
The FAA has cleared California-based Universal Hydrogen to fly a Dash-8-300 with one engine powered by hydrogen. The Seattle Times is reporting the aircraft got the FAA clearance on Monday after the company was able to run the engine up[…]   Read this article
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Air Force Wants Stealthy Tanker
The Air Force says it wants stealthy tankers in the air by 2040 to improve its chances of pressing a battle in the far-flung locations that are often the site of such conflicts. One of its main constraints is that[…] Read this article

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Mitsubishi Formally Cancels Airliner Program
After a 15-year development program plagued with setbacks, Mitsubishi has finally thrown in the towel on its SpaceJet airliner project. The aircraft was aimed at the small single-aisle market now dominated by Embraer and Airbus, and the Japanese mega-company determined[…] Read this article

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