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Volume 30, Number 6a, February 6, 2023
Landing 767 Overflies Departing 737 In Runway Incident At Austin
The crew of a FedEx Boeing 767 landing at Austin Bergstrom International Airport had to go around and overfly a Southwest 737 taking off on the same runway early Saturday. The FAA and NTSB have confirmed they’re investigating the incident,[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: An Engaged Crew Avoided Disaster At Austin
This week’s video, courtesy of VASAviation, is a brief and bright example of how things are not supposed to work, but sometimes do anyway. The setup is at Austin-Bergstrom airport early Saturday morning (Feb. 4) in weather that was just[…]   Read this article
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Yes, It's A Balloon Alright
George Santos told me during an oxygen break at the 23,612-foot elevation on our free-climb ascent of Kilimanjaro, or Fujiyama (Fugaku to gamers), I forget which, “It’s not the lie that gets you,” he then saved a koala from falling[…] Read this article

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AVweb 'Classifieds Where Aviation meets Business Tuesday
Sea Recovery Underway For Chinese Balloon
Part of the envelope of a Chinese balloon shot down off Myrtle Beach was reportedly seen in a boat at a boat launch near the city as the Navy and Coast Guard work to recover what’s left of the balloon’s[…] Read this article

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Washington Bill Would Ban Leaded Fuel By 2030
Washington State legislators have tabled a bill that would ban the sale of leaded aviation fuel in the state by 2030. The bill was introduced in the House and has been referred to committee. It has a long way to[…] Read this article

When Test Pilots Earn Their Keep
The goal of the first test flight in any aircraft is that it be uneventful, but there’s a reason test pilots are among the best in the business. In the warbird community, Steve Hinton is one of the go-tos and[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, February 3, 2023
Last Boeing 747 Delivered My first flight in a 747 was in ’73 that started at Frankfurt while coming home from Germany on leave from my Army unit in Germany. The Pan Am bird had so few passengers that they[…] Read this article