David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Volume 29, Number 31d, August 4, 2022
Copilot 'Jumped' From Raleigh-Bound Aircraft: 911 Tape
The pilot of a twin that made an emergency landing at Raleigh (RDU) International Airport in North Carolina last week reportedly told the tower his copilot jumped from the plane at 3500 feet about 14 miles from the airport. The[…]   Read this article
AirVenture 2022: Elixir Aircraft
Elixir Aircraft’s EASA-certified two-seat Elixir comes in two versions, a Rotax 912 iS-powered trainer and a Rotax 915 iS-equipped traveler model. In this video from AirVenture 2022, company co-founder Cyril Champenois discusses plans to bring the aircraft to the U.S.[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Easy Fit
AirVenture 2022 In One Word: Happy
By happenstance, I ended up looking at a lot of simulator technology at AirVenture this year, ranging from full-cockpit reproductions like Alsim’s ALSR20 to mobile apps such as Infinite Flight. The progression of flight sims since I started flight training[…] Read this article

Jet Shades 'Fly cool and protected...
Snowbirds Pause After Takeoff Accident
The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds have canceled at least two shows after a takeoff mishap involving one of their CT-114 Tutor jets at an airport in northern British Columbia. The aircraft had a hard landing at Fort St. John[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Classifieds The Need for Speed
Air Tractor Picked As Counter-Terrorism Platform
The U.S. Special operations command has chosen an armed-to-the-teeth version of the venerable Air Tractor agricultural application aircraft as its new counter-terrorism platform in its Armed Overwatch mission. The AT-802U Sky Warden was chosen over two other finalists, the Textron[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take to the air
Aspen Avionics Announces GFC 600 Compatibility, And Much More
Aspen Avionics President and CEO John Uczekaj cited three pieces of news at the company’s AirVenture press briefing. He also addressed Aspen’s connection with AIRO Group and addressed supply chain issues and how Aspen is weathering that storm (spoiler alert—he[…] Read this article