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This issue of AVweb's AVflash is brought to you by …

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The Death Of An Airport

X Marks The Spot...

Likely the last 16 aircraft ever to use Chicago's Meigs Field were to have taken off Wednesday, using a taxiway in place of the runway that was torn up by city workers early Monday. The FAA issued special permission to allow the aircraft owners to use the 3,000-foot, 50-foot-wide taxiway for a final departure. The 16 were left stranded by Mayor Richard Daley's surprise decision to close the airport for security reasons. By dawn on Monday, large X's had been carved out of the runway while city police blocked access to the airport. Among the 16 was Tom Komer, who flew into Meigs on Sunday for a convention at nearby McCormask Place. When Komer checked DUATS weather on Monday morning, he saw the NOTAM on the airport's closure. He telephoned the Signature FBO at Meigs to find out if the NOTAM was correct.  "That's when I learned that I and 15 other pilots were stranded when Mayor Daley ordered the runway torn up ..." he told AVweb. "No one attempted to contact me prior to the damage. Later in the day, I met with the airport manager who said he didn't know in advance." Komer was told the City of Chicago would reimburse the extra hotel and living expenses he incurred.

...Alphabets React...

Obviously, the forced closure of Meigs has the aviation community in an uproar and the alphabet groups are leading the charge. "We are absolutely shocked and dismayed," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "Mayor Daley has no honor and his word has no value. The sneaky way he did this shows that he knows it was wrong." Ed Bolen, president of GAMA, said it was a "sad day for general aviation.  Mayor Daley obviously saw an opportunity, using the ruse of security and the cover of night, to pursue his longstanding goal of closing Meigs Field." NATA President James Coyne said he was "shocked" and EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski told AVweb this action sets "a dangerous precedent." Knapinski was concerned that Daley claimed the runway was destroyed for security reasons. "It's interesting to note that Daley chose to close this airport now in the name of security, but made a deal with former Gov. Ryan to keep it open only three months after the attacks of September 11, 2001." Knapinski told AVweb all of the alphabet groups are working as a "unified voice" and have drafted a letter to President Bush and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. He added that legal options are "still being explored."

NOTE: Read the letter to President Bush and Mr. Ridge online, in Adobe's PDF forrmat.

...And Future Ramifications Are Examined

So where do we go from here? Will other airports follow? How could Daley get away with this? It's important to note that Meigs is a city-owned and operated airport without the benefit of federal grants, so Daley didn't have to clear this with the feds. But he is a politician and there are other politicians who have interests in this issue, so public pressure is one way to make this uncomfortable for the mayor and blow off a little steam yourself.  The Friends of Meigs Field is starting a letter-writing campaign and have even put together an online form to make registering your feelings a little easier. You can always drop your congressman a line, too. But it doesn't seem likely that Daley will suddenly change his mind, based on his comments to reporters Monday. "We have done this to protect the millions of people who live, work and visit in downtown Chicago in these very uncertain times," Daley told a room packed with reporters at City Hall. "We have no control over airplanes in the air, but we can control whether we have a city airport a few seconds away from one of the heaviest concentrations of people and buildings in North America." However, Daley didn't explain why that logic wasn't used to shut down the O'Hare and Midway airports -- which also border populated areas -- nor did he explain why the runway had to be destroyed. EAA's Knapinski told AVweb that parking machinery on the runway would have sufficed, yet Daley chose to "effectively permanently close the airport" for no logical reason.

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Sun 'n Fun Opens: No Gloom In Lakeland

Even as GA mourns the loss of Meigs field and frets over lost jobs in Wichita, the Sun 'n Fun spring fly-in opened under cool and sunny skies, albeit with sparse crowds many attributed to war jitters and the shift from a Sunday to a Wednesday opening. Nonetheless, New Piper is bullish, rolling out two new models, and Garmin announced a slick new primary flight display system for the planed Mustang personal jet. For details on these developments and more, see AVweb's opening day Sun 'n Fun coverage.

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Lycoming Completes SB522 Repairs

Lycoming has completed one of the largest engine recalls ever ahead of schedule. The company announced that all 797 TIO-540 engines returned under Service Bulletin 552 have been fixed and shipped back to their owners. All engines identified by that Service Bulletin were required to have new crankshafts because the original parts were improperly forged and at risk of failing. Under Service Bulletin 553, another 601 engines were tested by taking a core sample from the crankshaft. The majority checked out OK and most of the 184 cranks that needed replacing have been installed. "We made a promise to our customers that we would resolve this replacement and repair issue by the early part of the second quarter and we have delivered on that promise," said Lycoming head Robert Millman in a news release. The recall grounded hundreds of aircraft with the engines. To appease the inconvenienced owners, Lycoming launched a Customer Care Program that covered alternative transportation, insurance, fees and interest for affected owners. The repaired engines come with a one-year warranty that starts when the aircraft is returned to service. The recall cost Lycoming $35 million.

FAA Audit Reveals Improper Spending

This may come as a shock, but the U.S. government may be mismanaging your hard-earned tax dollars. The General Accounting Office (GAO) issued a report last week stemming from a federal audit triggered by improper spending by FAA officials in Alaska. According to the Associated Press, the investigation revealed that millions of dollars were involved in questionable spending elsewhere in the U.S. The GAO discovered over $6 million in improper expenditures via federally issued purchase cards. The report found that the Airways Facilities Division bought extravagant computers, a $370,000 security system that didn't work and expensive personal digital assistants for any employee requesting one. "In addition, over half of the asset purchases -- such as computers and other equipment -- that GAO examined had not been recorded in FAA's property system, increasing the risk of loss or theft," the GAO said in its report summary. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) asked the GAO to investigate an Alaskan office of the FAA after he was contacted by union members last May about questionable purchases there. "I do not consider gift cards to Wal-Mart and Waterford crystal to fall within the realm of legitimate government spending," Young said last week. "The committee will watch this issue closely, and I strongly encourage FAA to improve their procedures at the Alaska office and the other offices around the country," he warned.

Note: You can read the complete GAO report at their Web site, in Adobe's PDF format.

Suppliers Revel In Extra Business

While it may be hard times for aircraft manufacturers, some suppliers are enjoying an increase in business, thanks to the major manufacturers' cost-cutting efforts. Some manufacturers are beginning to outsource their production work to suppliers. Cessna already contracts some subassembly work and may increase that. "We're still looking at what's the best thing for our customers, (and) how we can build the best possible product for the best cost and quality that we possibly can," Cessna spokeswoman Marilyn Richwine told The Wichita Eagle. Overall, parent company Textron plans to do more outsourcing. Raytheon is planning to do the same but at the expense of drawing fire from its workers unions. The company announced earlier this months that it is studying the capabilities of at least two companies in Mexico to make wire harnesses and panels, saying that the outsourcing is necessary to ensure long-term growth. This has caused an uproar from Raytheon employees who claim their livelihood is jeopardized by this latest cost-cutting move. A recent rally against the move drew nearly 500 people. They carried signs and chanted "USA! USA! USA!" Stay tuned.

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On The Fly...

Forget Stealth, how about the invisible plane? NASA is tinkering with a coat that makes the wearer seem invisible. Kazutoshi Obana has developed the coat, which has caught NASA's eye for -- among other things – aeronautical designs. The idea is to coat the inside of an airplane cockpit with micro reflectors so pilots could gauge how far they are above the ground just by looking at an image of the outside terrain projected on the floor...

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) says it's already supporting Operation Liberty Shield. Selected CAP members nationwide who form rapid-response teams for both ground and air missions have been placed on "High" alert by CAP in order to be immediately available when tasked. To perform security missions, CAP aircraft can be outfitted with advanced technology sensors and video-imaging equipment...

Sweden's air traffic controllers are complaining of motion sickness ... in the tower. The controllers at Stockholm's airport say they are getting sick because their tower sways in the wind. Citing budgetary constraints, Sweden's Civil Aviation Authority cancelled plans to stabilize the 270-foot-high tower by putting water storage tanks on the roof.  So, the sick controllers have been asked to "relax on firm ground" until they feel better.

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AVweb's Picture Of The Week...


We received over 90 pictures last week. Congratulations to this week's winner, Christopher Bright, of Washougal, WA. His photo, titled "Mt. Jefferson up close", gives up a beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson in Washington state. This unique vantage point is only possible by flying near the majestic peak. Great picture Christopher! Your AVweb hat is on the way.

To check out the winning picture, or to enter next week's contest, go to

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AVweb's Question Of The Week...


We received over 500 responses to our question last week on air shows. The majority of those responding (65 percent) found these events to be fun and very educational. Only 5 percent had no interest in air shows whatsoever. Speaking of air shows, be sure to read AVweb's in-depth coverage of Sun-N-Fun in Lakeland, Fla.

To check out the complete results, including comments, go to


This week, we would like to know your thoughts on the Meigs airport closure. Please go to to respond.

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Say Again? #22: I Dare You
Do you dare say what's really on your mind? Do you dare take a stand for what you believe in even if it's unpopular? AVweb's Don Brown took the dare and writes about his pet peeves in this month's Say Again? column.

Holey Safety Net
ELTs are there to aid rescuers, but false alarms are compounded by the fact that ELTs usually don't work when they should. This article appeared in the January 2002 edition of Aviation Safety and is reprinted here by permission.


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