Volume 27, Number 11c, March 13, 2020
NBAA Cancels Conferences Over Coronavirus Concerns
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has announced the cancellation of its 2020 International Operators Conference (IOC2020) and 2020 Business […]   Read this article
Covid-19, Aviation And Community Responsibility
Call it a panic if you like, but Covid-19 is hitting aviation hard. Ahead of government decrees, I'm doing social distancing. Now.   Read this article
Bombardier Appoints New CEO
Bombardier has announced that Éric Martel has been named the company’s president, CEO and member of the board of directors. […] Read this article

FAA Waives Slot Use Requirements For Airlines Affected By COVID-19
The FAA announced on Wednesday that it is waiving minimum slot-use requirements at U.S. airports in order to support airlines […] Read this article

Swift Fuels Offers Future STCs For One-Time Fee
Unleaded aviation gasoline developer Swift Fuels has introduced a new program offering participants all future FAA avgas supplemental type certificates […] Read this article

Homebuilt Accidents: Fatal Factors
To the owner of an Experimental Amateur-Built (E/A-B) aircraft, any accident is a tragedy. However, the FAA monitors the homebuilt […] Read this article

ONE Aviation Obtains Clearance For Acquisition
ONE Aviation has gotten the OK from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to move forward […] Read this article

Picture of the Week: Flight Sim Edition, March 12, 2020
Something a little different. Rather than a photograph, this is a screen shot from the X Plane 11 flight simulator. Image by Jonathan Michael Stern. Read this article

Submit Your Photo To Our Picture Of The Week Contest
Submit your photo to our Picture of the Week contest. Read this article