Volume 28, Number 28a, July 5, 2021
Lack Of Paperwork Behind Most COVID Medical Denials
The FAA’s Federal Air Surgeon says pilots who have had COVID-19 have to come clean with their AMEs or risk losing their medicals. Dr. Susan Northrup wrote in a safety bulletin AMEs have been told to use their own judgment in determining the fitness to fly for those who have[…]   Read this article
Billionaires in Space
What a country, right? In 1960, we were locked toe-to-toe with the Ruskies over who would seize the high ground of space and then the Moon. Sixty years later, three billionaires are checkbook-to-checkbook to see who gets to claim astronaut firsties. And it looks like Amazon impresario Jeff Bezos won’t[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: When Yeager Wasn't Famous
Famed test pilot Chuck Yeager was a household name through much of his career. But not always. In his first book, “Across the High Frontier,” Yeager said his work during the X-1 project to exceed Mach 1 gave flight test pilots a profile—and respect—they never enjoyed before that. In 1949,[…] Read this article

Soldiers Jump From Crashing Philippine C-130
At least 50 people, including 42 combat soldiers, were killed in the crash of a Philippine Air Force C-130 in the southern part of the country on Sunday. Three of the dead were civilians on the ground. Initial reports suggest the aircraft, an ex-USAF Herc that was recently transferred to[…] Read this article

Yamaha Looks At Airplane Engines (Corrected)
Yamaha is dipping a tentative toe into the aviation engine market in a partnership with a Japanese manufacturer. The recreational and industrial vehicle giant will modify one of its existing small engine designs to fit a RANS S-6 to be adapted by ShinMaywa Industries. “Under this agreement, Yamaha Motor will[…] Read this article

Israel Downs Drones With Airborne Lasers
The Israeli air force has successfully tested an airborne laser system that quickly dispatched drones in flight. The system, built by the air force with Elbit Systems, is mounted on a Cessna Caravan and easily blasted all the drones it encountered on the test. Israel tweeted it is “among the[…] Read this article

Legacy 737 Ditches Off Honolulu, Pilots Rescued (Updated)
Both pilots are reported to be safe, but seriously injured, after they ditched their Boeing 737 cargo plane off Honolulu early Friday. The FAA has confirmed that a Rhoades Express 737 (operating as Transair Flight 810) hit the water about 2:30 a.m. local time shortly after leaving Honolulu. “The pilots[…] Read this article

Eviation Reveals Alice Production Configuration
Electric aircraft developer Eviation has unveiled the production configuration for its all-electric Alice aircraft. The Alice is powered by two magniX magni650 electric propulsion units, equipped with a single-volume, high-energy density battery system “made from currently available battery cells” and outfitted with a Honeywell fly-by-wire system. The aircraft will be[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 2, 2021
Electric Aircraft And The Media Good article with salient and analogous points. You do that SO well. I think that most of your informed readers who take the time to expound on all these fictitious articles, claims or press releases — calling them “vaporware” — are smart enough to know[…] Read this article