Volume 28, Number 6a, February 1, 2021
Less Than Half Of Airline Pilots Still Working
Only 43 percent of the world’s airline pilots are still in the same job they had before the COVID-19 pandemic […]   Read this article
The FIRC That Refreshes
For an instructor, the acronym FIRC is similar to root canal or colonoscopy for saner people. Fortunately, root canals are rarer.    Read this article
How This Illustration Fueled My Obsession With The Bell X-1
The Bell X-1 is one of aviation history’s most important—and interesting—aircraft. Everyone knows Chuck Yeager flew it to establish the […] Read this article

Safety Reports Take On COVID-19 Flavor
The Aviation Safety Reporting System has been inundated with hundreds of reports from pilots, flight attendants and support personnel on […] Read this article

Musk, FAA Spar Over Next Mars Rocket Test Launch
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has gone to war with the FAA after the agency denied the company permission to launch […] Read this article

Wireless Utility Controls Jammed GPS Near Airport
Pilots using Wilmington Airport in North Carolina are hoping the mysterious and random interruptions in GPS service near the airport […] Read this article

Reckless Flying Led To Swiss Ju-52 Crash
The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board has determined a couple of highly experienced but reckless pilots flying a non-airworthy Ju-52 […] Read this article

Poll: Will the Terrafugia Flying Car Succeed in the Market?
Everyone has an opinion. AVweb's weekly poll offers you an opportunity to express yours. This week, tell us what you think of the Terrafugia flying car. Read this article

Lilium To Build Air Taxi Network
Electric aircraft developer Lilium has signed an agreement with multinational infrastructure operator Ferrovial to develop a network of at least […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, January 29, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about flying a Spirit of St. Louis replica, retiring from the airlines and replacing 100LL. Read this article