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Volume 29, Number 15d, April 14, 2022
Crew Jailed After Finding Cocaine On Plane
A Canadian charter flight crew has been in jail for two weeks in the Dominican Republic after reporting contraband it found stashed in the avionics bay of their CRJ 100. Pivot Airlines told the National Post the crew found 450[…]   Read this article
Sun 'n Fun 2022 In Perspective
Supply Chain Struggles, New Show Leadership Going in to Sun ‘n Fun, it seemed likely that we would be doing a bit more legwork than we’ve necessarily had to in the past. That prediction definitely came to pass. According to[…]   Read this article
Bose 'Thousands of hours
A Walk Around Sun 'n Fun 2022
With the 2022 Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, coming to a close, Mariano Rosales takes one last look around the show. Read this article

JP Instruments 'Balanced Approach
Glitchy Simulator Kicks 90 Indian Pilots Off MAX
India’s aviation regulators have temporarily banned 90 SpiceJet pilots from flying Boeing 737 MAX airliners because the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation system function on the flight simulator used to train them wasn’t working properly. A part of this system, the “stick[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take to the air
eVTOL Terminal Planned For Oshkosh
A local company says it plans to build the first eVTOL terminal and charging station at Oshkosh’s Wittman Regional Airport this coming fall. Volatus Infrastructure said the $500,000 facility will be ready for customers before any customers are likely to[…] Read this article

Volocopter Flies Final Configuration Of Multicopter
Volocopter, one of the pioneers of the urban mobility concept, has set the 2024 Olympics in Paris as the target for the first commercial operation of its 18-rotor electric aircraft. The first flight of the final configuration of its VoloCity[…] Read this article