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Volume 30, Number 31d, August 3, 2023
'Largest' Commercial Electric Drone Approved
The FAA has approved commercial use of the biggest electric drone it’s ever certified and it may be coming to a farm near you. The Pelican Spray, developed by Oakland-based startup Pyka, is a Cub-sized cropdusting drone that’s already in[…]   Read this article
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Hard Landing Buckles 767 Fuselage
United Airlines’ oldest Boeing 767 is likely a write-off after the fuselage skin buckled and tore in a hard landing at Houston on July 29. The aircraft arrived from Newark at 10:34 a.m. with 193 passengers and 11 crew, none[…] Read this article

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B-21 Powered Up In Advance Of First Flight
Northrop Grumman says it has powered up its first B-21 stealth bomber in advance of a first flight that is still being forecast for later this year. The top-secret program came up in an earnings call last week, and top[…] Read this article

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Stuck Passenger Freed From Seat With Hoist
It’s not often a rescue operation happens inside an airliner, but British Airways staff had to remove a door and use a hoist to free a plus-size passenger from the largest available seat on the airline. The man was in[…] Read this article